The CICF is a registered charity that collects donations for education and research grants for medical professionals.

We are currently developing upcoming grant opportunities. Please check back for updates.

CICF Vision and Purpose

Vision - The Canadian Intensive Care Foundation (CICF) will be the charity of choice for Canadians - principally everyone who practices in the critical care community, regardless of their discipline.

Purpose - The Canadian Intensive Care Foundation (CICF) is a national volunteer organization dedicated to improving the care of critically ill patients by raising funds for important clinical research and education.


Who can apply?

Grants are available to any medical professionals working on intensive care research, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists working in Canadian universities, hospitals and health centres. Grants can be used towards salaries for researchers, and any resources or equipment required.

Applicants must:

  • be a current member of the CICF
  • conduct research in line with the Foundation's vision and purpose.

NOTE: When grants become available, details on the application process will be updated.

Review Process

Each grant application is subject to review by an independent Grant Review Committee that will evaluate the application using a rigorous process. We are committed to encouraging the best and brightest to develop life saving research efforts that will have the greatest impact on Canadian ICUs and their patients.

Details about the Grant Review Committee will be updated when new grants are introduced. Please check back.

ICU Research who apply

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