Charities in Canafa Membership

CICF members in the community help to represent and connect us to individuals and families who give in support of others in critical need. The CICF is grateful for the generosity of our members, donors and the medical professionals that commit to improving intensive care across Canada.

Canadian Charity It is through the strength of our members that the CICF can support research and education for our critical care communities.

Benefits of Membership

CICF membership connects you to a network of individuals and organizations who understand the critical importance of ICUs in Canada. Besides opportunities to network, membership offers avenues to share knowledge and experiences caring for the critically ill and injured.

Other member benefits include:

  • Access to research and educational funds (membership is required to apply for grants)
  • Opportunities to acquire funds to support critical care conferences at chapter and national levels
  • Publications such as the CICF Annual Report
  • Various networking opportunities at chapter events
  • Occasions where students can connect with ICU professionals in their field of studies
  • Occasions where suppliers can meet ICU professionals
  • Opportunities for Canadians to come forward as CICF members willing to donate their skills or expertise to a cause

Apply for Membership Online

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a CICF member, you can apply by filling out the form. The $25 annual fee can be paid online through PayPal, or cheques or money orders can be sent to:

The Canadian Intensive Care Foundation
2707 7 Avenue NW

Calgary, Alberta    T2N 1A8

Member Application

You can also apply for membership or send your membership renewal by downloading a Membership Form and returning it via mail or fax:

The Canadian Intensive Care Foundation
2707 7 Avenue NW

Calgary, Alberta   T2N 1A8

Canadian Intensive Care Foundation
Phone: (403) 922-8612
Fax: (403) 283-9994