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If you've had first hand experience with intensive care, you know how essential these services are to improve chances for survival in the cases of severe injury or illness. The ICU may have been your haven in emergency, giving you hope and comfort as you confronted your challenges.

Are you ready to give someone else that chance for hope? Learn about the CICF and how we use your donations.

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The Importance of ICUs in Canada

Intensive Care Units across Canada are a critically ill patient's first place of shelter in a medical emergency. ICUs provide care for 100,000 patients a year. Many of these patients go on to heal and thrive, but many do not.

The CICF is Canada's leading charity dedicated to fundraising for research into improving critical care in our intensive care units. With the support of generous donors and our members, we strive to build a strong knowledge base for caregivers.

Research into critical care innovation could make a real difference for medically desperate patients that require one on one care. Right now, funding dedicated to this research lags far behind the need.

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